Who is an Executive / Personal Assistant or who is an executive or Personal?

Executive Assistants (EAs) perform, coordinate and oversee office administrative duties while providing an extensive level of support to Executive Managers. They help managers make the best use of their time and are relied on heavily to ensure that work is handled efficiently and without the need for constant or direct supervision. In supporting these senior level executives, EAs must possess a wide range of skills and extensive knowledge in order to be truly effective.

This two-day training programs seeks to build the skills sets, knowledge and competence of Executive Assistants (Personal Assistant) in delivering their roles more effectively.


    Active participation by participants to maximize the benefits of sharing mutually helpful hints and experiences. Our methodology among others will include:

    1. Small group discussions,
    2. Case study work,
    3. Problem-solving real work issues,
    4. Individual action plan,
    5. Comprehensive reference materials to take away with you.
Course Fee:

    Defining the Effective Executive Assistant
    • Core Competencies
    • Types of Executive Assistants
    • The Career Path of an EEA

    Exploring the Position of executive Assistant
    • Unique Challenges
    • Unique Rewards;
    • Dispelling the Myths of Executive Assistants

    Creating Success
    • Laying the Foundation
    • Building a Solid Structure
    • Long Term Care and Maintenance

    The Role of the EA within the Team
    • Planning, coordinating, organizing, leading, coaching, introducing change.
    • how and why teams work well together
    • Phases of team development
    • Team building / team maintenance skills.

    Goal Setting with the Team
    • Key responsibilities
    • Performance standards
    • Task allocation.

    Your profile as a Manager and Team Leader
    • how to build your profile
    • Strategies for meeting and exceeding expectations
    • Influencing skills.

    Effective Time Management
    • Setting Goals
    • Planning Tips and Tricks
    • Setting up a Routine
    • Doing it Right
    • Putting an End to Procrastination
    • Getting Organized
    • Organizing Your Files
    • Managing Your Workload

    Summary, Action Plan, Evaluation

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