About CorpTrain Ghana


CorpTrain™ vision is to provide current and relevant knowledge, skills, practical tools, networking opportunities to our clients in both the private and public sectors across Africa and globally.


Our goal is simply to advance knowledge through the provision of continuous professional development by engaging the best of experts in very critical areas of staff training and capacity building.


CorpTrain™ Ghana is the capacity building and training arm of JPCann Associates Ltd, a management consultancy company incorporated in Ghana. 

Among others we offer corporate capacity building programs for both public and private sector institutions in Ghana and entire Sub Sahara Africa. 

Our training programmes are designed to support your business objectives and goals, organisational practices and the industry standards. Our aim is to deepen the professional knowledge and skills of junior, middle and executive levels of management in core areas of operations…


CorpTrain Ghana programmes are meant to accentuate your workforce’s core knowledge and learning processes with the aim of reinforcing your company’s vision and culture. We guarantee you through our training systems to help your organisation:

Build stronger teams

encourage and improve collective collaboration

improve decision making abilities

improve and transcend customer service

focus on conflict resolution techniques

Address and help your organisation prepare for change with change management.

Our training programmes are mainly delivered using blended learning techniques such as case studies, group exercise, simulation, brainstorming, role play and business games. Irrespective of your training needs we are willing to form partnerships with your business. You can count on us for efficient and effective corporate training packages that address the core competencies of your business.

For detailed information on CorpTrain programmes call us on 0302-974-302 or email us at: info@corptrainghana.com




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